Welcome Homeowners. We have listed some ideas to solve some issues that may occur in your home. We have listed the most common causes of electrical problems and what you can do to resolve these problems.

Problem: Outlets in Kitchen do not work.

Solution: Locate GFCI outlet in Kitchen. This is outlet with buttons and sometimes a light. Usually there are two of them. Press the reset button. Check to see if electric is restored. If not, try other GFCI and repeat process. This should restore power to these outlets ajacent to GFCI. If this does not cure problem, Call for service appointment.

Problem: Outlets in Bathroom do not work.

Solution: Check GFCI outlets in Bathrooms. Usually there is one GFCI outlet located in one of the bathrooms. More often in Master Bath that controls the power in all other bathrooms. Check using same procedure as in Kitchen. If power is not restored, please call for appointment.

Problem: Outlets in Garage or on rear or front exterior of home do not work.

Solution: Again this could be GFCI outlet. In most cases this GFCI willl be located in garage. If you cannot find it may be because things are stacked in front of this device. Look behind these items for GFCI outlet. Push reset button. If this does not restore power to outlets at rear, front doors, or garage call for service appointment.

Problem: Outlets in bedrooms do not work.

Solution: Bedroom outlets are supplied power through what is called a Arc Fault Circuit Interupter, or as most commonly known, a AFCI. These are breakers located in your electrical panel. Please go to electrical panel and find these breakers. They have test buttons as do the GFCI devices located in your home. Usually these breakers will trip and breaker lever will be in a neutral position. Please turn to off completely and then turn on all the way. You should feel it reset when turned completely into off position. This should cure this problem. If not please call for service appointment.

Problem: Light does not work

Solution: Check bulb for correct installation. Sometimes bulb will just need to be screwd in a little more. Sometimes bulb is burnt out or has somehow failed. Replace bulb. If this does not restore to working order please call for service appointment. Please note if you are under builders warranty, we do not warranty light bulbs. If called out for warranty service and problem is in bulb there will be a service charge so please, check bulbs before calling.

 Problem: Exterior Lights do not turn off

Most of the time the problem is either in the fixture itself, or in the circuit devise photo control. If all of your exterior lights stay on, you likely have the circuit photo control. This devise would need to be replaced. If you are still under warranty, call for service appointment.  If only one light stays on, then you likely have a light with a built in photo control. In this case, the light was supplied by your builder and would have to be replaced through your builders warranty. Please call your builder for replacement.

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